CSS is experienced and organised all
over Indonesia to make clearing in
as smooth as possible. We will have a
team on the ground to assist at your first
port of call.


Indonesia is big on adventure and low
on facilities. With CSS you will have access
to the best dock space in Bali as well as
other options in Bali and Raja Ampat.


Arriving with 30 day visas but needing
to stay longer is not ideal. That’s why
we help you to plan and get the right
visas before you arrive! Extensions from
within and entry visas from outside are
what we do best – just speak to us ahead
of time for the best solutions.


Getting good, fresh food around Indonesia
is hard but luckily our experienced
Provisions Team know how to do that!

We have a greenhouse, not a warehouse
so most fresh goods are still growing
when you order them. High quality meats
and seafood are also available and can be transported all over Indonesia, kept fresh
by our packing systems.


All CSS Indonesia bunkers are handled
by our sister company, the internationally-renowned FEMO Bunker. This means that
our clients get the best prices and payment terms when dealing with one of the biggest
most reliable bunkering companies
in the world.


Major brand spare parts can be
sourced from within Indonesia but more
specialised goods must come from
overseas. With a branch office in
Singapore as well as a top yacht chandlery
Molo Vecchio in Genoa, a sister company
of ours, on hand to supply and ship in
whatever you need.



With 15,000 islands, 3 time zones and
600+ airports, Indonesia presents a tricky logistical challenge. Luckily this is a big part
of what we cover for our clients so
moving people, goods and food around
the country has a dedicated team handling
every movement on land, sea and air.


The gal of every superyacht visit is to
blow the guests minds and we create the opportunities and lay the platforms for you
to do this in style.
Our GET (Guest Experience Team) is highly experienced and specialised to deliver the
best of Indonesia on Land, Sea and Air.


We have been handling private jets in
and outbound with the same ground
handling team for over 10 years to ensure
that no matter the location the logistics
flow smoothly. We have plenty of
experience of bringing jets, helis and
yachts together and are confident to
co-ordinate all aspects of this for you.


When an issue crops up, CSS is on call to handle and resolve it in
the fastest possible way. Whether that means local or
international support, we have the network to provide assistance
quickly and efficiently.


CSS has an in-house management team to handle domestic
clients long-term. We cover everything from crew management to
vessel permits, fuel to food and everything else a successful charter
operation needs to run smoothly.