Fresh is the key and we are growing your order while you are ordering! Instead of a warehouse, we have a greenhouse in North Bali where pesticide-free hydroponic fruit and vegetables are growing right up to the moment you order them. Then we pick them, trim them, wash them and send them to you. That’s Fresh! We supply the best local products from artisan suppliers to well-known imported and international products – whatever you need, wherever you are, we will get it to you.


We trim everything to help freshness and ensure the yield is as close to 100% as possible – less waste, more freshness. We then process them with ice baths and chemical-free washes where necessary and pack them in reusable zip lock plastic, avoiding single-use plastics. 


Then we pack using tried and tested methods to keep the frozen goods frozen and the rest at optimal temperatures to withstand many hours of cargo and transit. It’s a tough ride – some orders to Raja Ampat are over 20 hours door to door – so freshness, packing technique and timing is key. If it is a 6am flight, the Just Provisions team will be packing at 4am to make sure everything leaves in the best condition possible. Our ground handling team is in all the major destinations and even if we are not on-site, we have people who know what is required – to get the goods to you as fast and fresh as possible.