Benoa Marina in Bali provides good quality, sheltered and clean dock space. Good quality fuel, water, garbage disposal and even shore power are available in a secure and protected environment.

Connected to the airport by a flyover, it is a fast pick up and drop at the boat for guests – the perfect starting point for your trips. On down-time, all the hotspots of Bali are within reach and crew will enjoy everything on offer inside and outside the marina.

The floating pontoons are top quality and easily accessed by ramps making provisioning and spare part deliveries simple and convenient.

The lines are secured using the pilings which are spaced at 10m and have a diameter of 90cm so straps and shackles are required.

Transport can be arranged from a variety of sources. There are no restrictions on contractors entering the marina aside from security clearances.

We also have an experienced and trained day-worker team on standby as and when required.